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Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mental Health

Robin Williams, man. That stinks. What stinks even more is stuff like this happens all the time, we just only hear about it when its someone famous. Mental health problems are ridiculously common. The two most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States aren’t to […]

When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

I love that healthy has become a new movement. Health memes, bragging about exercise, and excessive hash tagging about #nutrition and #cleaneating has reached obnoxious proportions on social media and I love it. People who eat real food make me exceptionally happy. The sentence “I […]

Can Juicing Just Die Already

Hi friends! If you check the upper bar I’ve made some changes to make navigating throughout the site easier and I’ve added a new “work with me” tab because guess what?! I AM OFFICIALLY A REGISTERED DIETITIAN! Passed the test last week. So, please meander on over there if you have an interest in working one on one with me or having me come to your work site for a workplace wellness event. I’ve also been working on my twitter and instagram accounts- you can find me at @pearlonutrition on both forms of social media.

Today I want to talk about juicing. And after that I want juicing to die. I’m so sick of hearing about it. Just earlier this week someone asked me what I thought of a grapefruit juice cleanse and another asked about those daily shakes food companies making claiming spectacular weight loss and incredible nutrition benefits.

You, my wonderful readers, are highly intelligent homo sapiens. Considering this, do you truly think that eating nothing but grapefruit for a week is healthy in any way shape or form? Grapefruit. It’s mostly just water. And if someone told you to drink nothing but water for a week you would tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine. That’s not a “diet” nor is it “healthy,” that is some concentration camp nonsense. 

What about these shakes that fitness, supplement, and food companies are putting out though? Again, you are intelligent homo sapiens. Do you think it’s appropriate to replace meals with nothing but liquid and synthetic vitamins? Fiber which has been extracted from actual foods then placed into a shake with high fructose corn syrup and soybean oil? When I put it like this it seems bizarre, does it not? Chewing our food is pleasurable, slows down digestion and absorption, and can help make us feel fuller longer. 

Juicing, juice cleanses, and mass produced “nutrition” shakes suck. You don’t know where the ingredients came from or how long ago the “food” in it was plucked from the ground. Real food breaks down over time, it can’t sit on a shelf for very long and still provide nutrition for your body. You also don’t know if the nutrients are synthetic or real. Even if they are real you don’t know what chemical extractions all those added vitamins and minerals had to go through to get out of the foods they belong in and into your shake.

Remember the quote: “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”? It’s the same thing with food. Whole foods give us energy, water, vitamins, and minerals but they also give us things like fiber and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals fight cancer, help to prevent heart disease, and keep inflammation in check to name a few and the research on these superheros is just scratching the surface. You don’t want to give them up. And remember the word synergy? According to Wikipedia it means: the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of the individual effects. This is exactly how real food works. Things interact together to produce magic. Magic cooler than Harry Potter. When we isolate nutrients in a lab then just shove them back into a drink or a supplement the synergy is lost and their ability to nourish us decreases. 

Our bodies know how to handle whole foods and the nutrients in them in reasonable quantities.  When you shove something down your gullet that has excess vitamins and minerals your body just excretes them. You’re literally peeing your money away buying this crap. What’s more, think about if you ate an orange versus drinking orange juice. How many oranges do you think needed to be squeezed in order to get a glass of orange juice? If you eat one orange you’re getting about 15 grams of carbohydrates versus 25 grams for an 8 ounce glass of orange juice. But you removed the fiber from your juice so now there is nothing to slow digestion like when you eat a whole orange. Your body will absorb it rapidly and your blood sugar will spike. There are 27 grams of carbohydrate in 8 ounces of cola. Why are we demonizing soda but not juice? Check back to this post if you need a refresher on why juice isn’t the best choice. 

The news isn’t all bad. Smoothies can be a fun way to mix up your morning routine or a tasty way to add extra fruits, vegetables, and nutrients to your diet as long as you’re doing it the right way. But what is the right way? We talked about it here, silly! Now go check it out!



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Saturated Fat

If I had a nickel for every time I had to explain to someone that saturated fat isn’t bad I’d have enough nickels to pay for my next trip. Let me repeat this. Saturated fat does not cause heart disease

Saturated fat does increase your cholesterol. Recall when we discussed cholesterol? And how you NEED cholesterol? Saturated fat increases both HDL and LDL cholesterol. HDL is the “healthy” one because it picks up cholesterol from our bodies and returns it to the liver to be recycled. LDL is traditionally considered the “unhealthy” kind but remember, there is more than one size LDL particle and it is the small, dense LDL that can beat up our arteries, not the large LDL. 

This article describes a study which demonstrated that while consumption of saturated fat increases LDL it increases the large LDL, not the ones that contribute to heart disease. It was a small study, but it’s only one drop in the bucket of information that says the same damn thing. This review of research suggests that lowering fat intake and replacing it with carbohydrates is only going to make us fatter and sicker. So guess what….

It’s okay to eat saturated fat.


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This study followed over 1,500 men and showed that over a 12 year period of time intake of high fat dairy products (butter, milk, and whipping cream) were associated with a lower risk of central obesity when compared to low fat dairy products. So you’re skinnier and your food tastes better. Rock. On. 

Now, if you don’t want to listen to me even Dr. Oz is jumping on the bandwagon- Check out the video here.

Although I did find it funny that he called this a “new study” when the truth is this research has been around for decades but mainstream media is just beginning to catch on. 

Anyway, fat is okay when it comes from pasture raised meats, wild caught fish, organic whole milk and milk products, produce like avocados and nuts, and cold-pressed oils. Am I telling you to eat a pound of pastured bacon everyday? No, but what I am saying is you don’t need to feel guilty for eating some saturated fat. If your diet has a lot of variety and half of your plate is vegetables I say go right ahead and have a steak with your meal. Want butter and garlic on your broccoli? Butter it up, bro. Butter and garlic is the yellow brick road to world peace if you ask me.

What you need to ensure is that your sources of saturated fat you are consuming are from natural foods. Many toxins are stored in fat so when you eat fat from a crappy source you get all the toxins with it. Guess what? There are a lot of toxins on a farm, thanks DDT. 

Eat something that grew out of the ground or was raised naturally, not something that was raised in a factory.